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Heavy Crude Hauling L.P. is a leading provider of fluid hauling services to the heavy oil industry in the Lloydminster, Bonnyville, Maidstone and Edam districts, transporting crude oil and produced water from wellsite locations to collection points or disposal sites.

Heavy Crude Hauling owns a fleet of over two hundred bulk crude trailers and uses the services of dedicated sub-contractors who provide most of the power units to pull the trailers. There are approximately 100 employees and over one hundred and fifty Sub-Contractors on our qualified and dedicated team.

Our business is a demanding one where customer satisfaction, quality service and safety standards are the key elements of our success. We believe that our size, commitment to customer service, operational systems, safety standards, policies, and technology solutions provide us with an advantage in a competitive industry and we take great pride in being considered among the very best in the fluid hauling business.

Mullen Group Ltd. HEAVY CRUDE HAULING L.P. is a Mullen Group Ltd. limited partnership.